Attract people. Whether you are looking for new customers, tenants, staff, or to gain a competitive advantage, EV Charging stations are a great way to attract people.

Be ahead of the curve. If you act now, you will cement your image as cutting edge and help stimulate the expansion of this new infrastructure, while saving heaps of money.

Qualify for other tax incentives. Saving money on the hardware and installation is just the beginning. EV Charging on your property qualifies you for lucrative tax incentives like rebates, write-offs, credits, and more. You will be saving green in every sense of the word.

Improve your surroundings. With charging stations at your site, you will become an active member in the fight against air pollution, while creating a green, cutting-edge image.



Multi-Family & Apartment Buildings

Attract Residents & Increase Your Property Value

• Attract and retain high value, green-minded residents

• Increase average rent and property value

• Meeting emerging state and city regulations

• Improve your green standing and meet sustainability goals

Whatever Your Business,
EV Charging is Good for Business.


Attract Customers who Stay Longer & Spend More

• Increase shopping time

• Attract new and repeat customers

• Enhancing the visual appeal of your store with high-tech charging stations

• Advertising opportunity at EV stations


Attract & Retain Top Talent

• Attract and retaining eco-minded employees

• Increase employee satisfaction

• Achieve sustainability goals

• Establish your brand as a green leader


Make your Business a Preferred Destination

• Attract new and repeat guests

• Drive higher occupancy

• Increase RevPAR and F&B revenue

• Giving your hotel a green, cutting-edge image

Cities & Towns

Make Your City/Town an Attractive Destination

• Drive more traffic to local businesses

• Boost downtown economy

• Meet emerging government regulations

• Establish your city as a green leader


Create a Technologically Advanced Experience for Staff, Patients & Visitors

• Provide a valuable amenity for staff, patients, and visitors

• Improve local air quality

• Achieve sustainability goals

• Establish your brand as a green leader


The Charge Ahead Colorado Program provides financial support for charging stations to fund 80% of the cost of a charging station – up to $9,000 for a Level 2 Dual Port Station. There may also be additional incentives available from your local utility.

Learn more about the Charge Ahead Colorado program here.

You may also be eligible for a nationwide tax credit for the purchase of new EV charging stations. The credit covers a portion (30%) of the cost of hardware and installation, up to $30,000 for commercial projects.