LED Lighting and Controls Upgrade for Premier Members Credit Union

Premier Members Credit Union in Broomfield, CO, underwent a comprehensive LED lighting transformation in their 3-story office building. This project involved the installation of 898 new LED fixtures, with over half equipped with intelligent controls, including occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.


The total project cost amounted to $147,346.75, but with rebates factored in at $26,868.10, the net cost for Premier Members was a competitive $120,478.65. The investment demonstrated a remarkable just-over-3-year payback period, with annual operating savings (energy and maintenance) of $27,639.

Beyond immediate benefits, the upgrade future-proofed the building against upcoming lighting ordinances, and the project boasted an impressive 26.85% internal rate of return. Moreover, Premier Members qualified for the federal 179D tax deduction, amounting to an estimated value of $29,223, thanks to meeting the minimum 25% energy reduction criteria.

This LED lighting and controls upgrade not only enhanced efficiency but also positioned Premier Members Credit Union as a forward-thinking institution, reaping both immediate and long-term financial rewards.