Level 3 Communications

Level 3 Communications is a global communications provider serving enterprise, government and carrier customers. They work closely with their customers to help them grow their business, expand into new markets and improve the efficiency of operations. Level 3 Communications has offices across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Where We Started

Level 3 Communications and their light design partner, Blue Planet Energy Solutions, came to us with two different lighting projects in mind: a parking garage and their data center. They explained that the light fixtures in the parking garage were outdated, dim and financially inefficient. Additionally, the extraordinary number of light fixtures within the data center were far from environmentally friendly. As an innovative business, Level 3 knew it was time to upgrade their lighting systems both indoors and out.

Our Process & Recommendations

While usually we handle everything from design to installation, this time we worked with Level 3 Communications and Blue Planet Energy Solutions to get the job done. Blue Planet, located in California, carried out the designs and asked us to complete the installation. We were thrilled when Blue Planet told us they knew we could handle the scope of this project based on some of the other projects we had already completed.

level-3-communications-officeThe Outcome

Mac Electric has a highly experienced electrical team, which allows us to complete every project without having to outsource. When lighting designs were finalized, our team installed 467 new parking garage fixtures, replacing the old lights with brand new LED fixtures and occupancy dim down. The following week, we replaced 858 lighting fixtures within the data center with new LED fixtures. Because of our extensive experience, we were able to recommend and design a motion sensor control system for the Level 3 Data Center, creating a more energy efficient environment.