Parking Lot Lighting Solutions

Whatever your parking lot lighting needs in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and Greeley may be, Mac Electric & Lighting has the solution as one of the top parking lot lighting contractors in Northern Colorado. Our custom solutions ensure that your lot will be lit efficiently and effectively using high quality products installed by professional electricians. We provide service and maintenance to almost any parking lot lighting in the area. We also offer parking lot lighting service contracts so you can count on us for your lighting needs without having to think about it.

Our parking lot lighting services include:

  1. Comprehensive service from one of our fully stocked bucket trucks
  2. Timely repair of parking lot lighting outages
  3. Properly burning parking lot lighting and signage
  4. Energy Efficient LED Lighting Retrofit and Redesign

Our parking lot lighting services are the perfect solution for:

  1. Automotive dealers seeking to best highlight their lots during the evening time
  2. Property management companies interested in more energy efficient, yet bright lighting options for housing complexes and multi-family housing units
  3. Malls, retailers and outdoor marketplaces seeking energy efficient yet effective and aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting

LED Lighting Upgrades:

LED Lighting is proving itself to be the leading application in exterior lighting applications. With energy savings of up to 75% when compared with traditional technologies, enhanced pure light quality, control options, and maintenance savings over 90%, LED Lighting is the best solution to lower expenses for your commercial facility!

See How LED Lighting Saved King GMC 75% on their Energy Bill: