Immanuel Lutheran Church and School

Immanuel Lutheran Church & School is Northern Colorado’s premier Christian school, offering academic excellence in preschool through eighth grade. Since 1977, Immanuel has been assisting parents with the responsibility of educating children and helping kids develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Both the Church & School are dedicated to providing a loving and caring environment where people can grow and be nurtured in their faith.

Where We Started

When Immanuel Lutheran Church called Mac Electric, they were utilizing inefficient 400w lights in their parking lot, resulting in poor light distribution and very high lighting bills. The church understood that maintaining a well lit property helps to deter burglars, increasing their chances of being caught. However, their weak and dated lighting fixtures were not powerful enough to really make a difference.

Our Process & Recommendations

After meeting with Immanuel Lutheran Church, we did a full on-site audit both at night and during the day to get a sense of where we were starting. Based on the size of the parking lot and building, we recommended they make the switch to LED lighting. We explained that this would not only help improve light distribution but significantly reduce their energy bills the following month and for years to come.

The Outcome

Mac Electric was able to secure over $10,000 in incentive for the Church. We replaced their old 400w lights with 100w LED lights, saving them 75% on their energy bill and reducing their carbon footprint by 78%! With the change to LED light, there are almost no “dead spots” in the parking lot, where no light is shinning. Immediately, Immanuel Lutheran Church told us they felt safer and that their space felt more inviting.