Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycles


Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycles is a Fort Collins motorcycle dealership, known for exceptional customer service and great inventory. Each team member has an unwavering passion for motorcycles that helps them provide the best experience for each rider that walks through the door. 

Where We Started

front600Brad of Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycles came to us with the hopes of taking his motorcycle dealership to the next level, exceeding industry standards and expectations. Located out on Frontage Road, parallel to I-25, Brad noticed there were some limitations with their current lighting when it came to standing out. He also expressed some concern about the electricity bills that come hand in hand with maintaining such a large facility. Brad came to us looking for a more efficient lighting system that would also be simple to use.

Our Process & Recommendations

The Mac Electric team started with an on-site walk through and energy audit with Brad. When we saw the amount of space Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycles had, we were thrilled that Brad was open to hearing our suggestions and not set on one lighting design. After hearing some of Brad’s concerns, our team knew we wanted to incorporate LED Lighting to help increase energy efficiency, versatility and control. While presenting out project proposal, we really surprised Brad with the amount of rebates and incentives that typically come with LED Lighting systems.

The Outcome

At Mac Electric, we believe in truly completing a project from start to finish. During this project, we removed all outdated lighting and replaced it with LED luminaries, took care of labor, recycled materials per EPA standards and disposed of all old lamps/fixtures. Not only did we replace the exterior lighting, we installed a new photo cell control and timer for easy control and maintenance. The simple switch to LED lighting had a positive effect both financially and environmentally.