Level 2 Chargers for The Cadence Apartments

Mac recently installed (2) Level 2 Chargers for the Cadence Apartments at 2555 Joseph Allen Drive in Fort Collins. These new chargers will allow Cadence to simultaneously charge up to (4) EVs for their tenants and guests.

The apartment complex is newer, so some of the make-ready electrical work was done ahead of time. MAC installed new breakers and wire inside the existing conduit to include installing (2) CT4021-GW1 Chargepoint EV Chargers.


The project included a 5-year Commercial Cloud plan for the new EV chargers. Additionally, the charges will be covered under the Chargepoint Assure warranty program. The project received $18,000 in Charge Ahead Colorado grants, bringing the net cost down to just $12,252. Also, Cadence can receive a federal tax credit of $3675.60 on their federal taxes for 2022.

The total price for this project was $30,252.00

This was an excellent investment for Cadence, as the Chargers will provide a valuable amenity to their tenants while also supporting their sustainability goals. Not to mention, with Level 2 chargers they can charge up to 4 times faster than a standard Level 1 charger!

If you are interested in investing in EV charging infrastructure for your business or apartment complex, please contact MAC today for a custom quote. We would be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.