Washtime Car Wash


Washtime Car Wash is a Loveland based car wash facility with a variety of services. With everything from an Express Lane and Self Serve Bays to a Touchless Automatic lane, Washtime Car Wash has everything you need to get your vehicle looking like new again! 

Where We Started

Washtime Car Wash called us when they realized their old lighting was not providing a safe environment for their 24 hour Self Serve Bays and Touchless Automatic lane. Located in the heart of Loveland, just off 287, they wanted to make sure their business was visible and welcoming at all hours. Washtime Car Wash is extremely environmentally conscious when it comes to their water usage and wash solutions so they were very aware that they could be doing better in terms of their lighting. 

Our Process & Recommendations

Working with Washtime Car Wash was extra fun because we got to walk through the car wash (not while it was on of course)! They pointed out all the light systems that were not performing as well as they would have liked and expressed major concerns about their electrical bills continuing to increase. We were thrilled to let them know that a switch to LED Lighting would offer incentives and rebates, lowering the overall cost of the project as well as their carbon footprint.   

carwash picture

The Outcome

No job is too big or too small for Mac Electric. Once we finalized the energy savings and proposal, our team went down to Washtime Car Wash to replace all their outdated lighting fixtures. We completely redid the flood lights, canopy lights, pole lights, strip lights and wall packs, providing them with brand new LED fixtures. They were beyond pleased with the way the LED lights brightened up the lot, provided sufficient light to even the furthest corners and helped them save time and money.