LED Lighting Retrofit Solutions

We know there is already a lot on your plate, and we don’t want to add more. 
Save time and money with Mac Electric & Lighting’s turn-key commercial LED lighting retrofit solutions that comply with ordinances and ensure your project is fully funded by the various energy rebate programs available.

Why Replace Your Lighting with LED Lighting?

LED lighting solutions have been widely and rapidly adopted in commercial buildings, industrial and office spaces, indoor and outdoor retail venues, and parking areas and roadways over the last few decades. LED lighting systems are a sound investment for any business due to their eco-friendly, money- and time-saving benefits.

Long-Life Technology




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If you’re wondering how LED lighting retrofit solutions can impact your business, fill out the form below to download our PDF, 9 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line with Better Lighting.

Working with MAC Electric
& Lighting

Our Value Engineering Team specializes in LED lighting and installation and will work with your business before, during, and after your project to give you personalized attention and support. From the consultation all the way to the post-implementation support, we are educated on the best lighting products available as well as the financial benefits to your business.
As part of the nationwide network of certified Energy Efficient Pros that share best practices and commitment to providing high quality energy efficient lighting products and support, you can rely on us to handle your LED Lighting Retrofit from beginning to end.

Get Paid to Save Energy

Our expert staff specialize in utility funded energy rebate programs in Colorado. These programs aim to not only help commercial customers cut their energy use but also utilize rebates and energy bill savings to pay the project costs. This energy funding program will require no out of pocket expenses for qualifying commercial customers and often provides positive cash flow from day one. Contact us today to see if your business qualifies for this program!

How To Get Started

Request a Free Lighting Audit

Your current lighting system could be costing you more than just money.

As a part of our Value Engineering Approach to Projects, our Value Engineering Team team will visit your property and perform a free Lighting Audit to analyze your current system, understand your specific needs, and determine how to maximize lighting distribution for your operation.

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Receive a Comprehensive Lighting Plan

Our Comprehensive Lighting Plan includes:
  • A Photo Metric Lighting Plan as Required by the City
  • Lighting Distribution Strategy for Maximum Impact 
  • Projected Costs, Payback Period & Average Annual ROI 
  • An Energy Savings Audit & Risk Assessment 
  • Upgrade Analysis with Proposed Perfect Fit Lighting Solutions Specifically Chosen for You & Your Project

Save Time and Money by Letting Mac Electric Handle the Rest with the MAC Guarantee

Not only will we guarantee our installation, but we’ll help you get the most out of your manufacturer warranties, and the maximum return on your project by managing both the rebate process and ensuring you are in compliance with all city ordinances.

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