Whether you need information about LED lighting solutions, EV charging, city ordinance updates, lighting codes, or company news, we’ve compiled all of that and more for you right here. Simply filter by the type of news you’d like to find below and you’ll be well-versed in lighting, EV technology and more in no time.

How Can Smart Building Solutions Help My Business?

With today’s technology, manual manpower is no longer the cheapest and best Business Management System (BMS) out there. Many businesses are choosing to switch to smart building solutions to improve the productivity of their company, save their business money, and cut down on electricity usage.  What are Smart Building Solutions and Why is it Important […]

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car using an ev charger

Where Do EV Charging Stations Get Their Electricity From?

EV charging stations provide a convenient way for drivers to recharge their batteries. But where does the electricity that powers these charging stations come from? This blog will explain how EV chargers work, the most common charging station power sources, and the average cost to charge an EV vehicle in Colorado.   How Does an EV […]

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Do EV Charging Stations Increase Business?

As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly popular, many businesses are wondering if they should invest in EV charging stations. After all, EVs are still a relatively new technology, and there’s no guarantee that customers will want to charge their cars at your business. However, there are a few key reasons why investing in EV charging […]

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led light bulb next to a jar of change

The Different Options of Rebates for LED Lighting in Colorado

Financing your LED lighting project is a very important step in the process. Luckily, there are many different options available, such as rebates for LED lighting. Rebates are optimal as you get a chance to earn a portion of your money back. Learn more about some local rebate options in Colorado and how MAC Electric […]

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electric car charger sign

How Much Do Electric Car Charging Stations Cost in Colorado?

It’s no surprise that the electric car industry has grown in popularity over the past ten years as gas prices surge and more affordable options become available. For businesses, this provides an opportunity to provide value to customers, employees, and tenants by providing EV charging stations for use. In this blog, we’ll cover the costs […]

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Mac Electric team with award

Xcel Energy Awards Mac Electric For Energy Efficiency

Mac Electric was recognized as one of the top-performing contractors in the 2020 Energy Efficiency Program by Xcel Energy.  Mac Electric & Lighting Company, Inc. is family-owned and operated by Loveland, Colorado, native and master electrician Shannon McLaughlin and Michelle’s wife. In business for twenty years, Mac Electric & Lighting Company specializes in commercial LED […]

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BPO vs Dark Skies

BPO vs Dark Skies BPO vs Dark Skies We are often asked, “what is the Dark skies ordinance?” and “Is it a part of the BPO?”. They are 2 different ordinances. The City of Boulder’s “Dark Skies” Ordinance was designed to make sure the city’s collective exterior lighting doesn’t obscure the stars. The ordinance went […]

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What is the BPO?

What Is The BPO? The Boulder Building Performance Ordinance is a set of rating, reporting, and energy efficiency requirements. It is designed to reduce energy use and improve the quality of Boulder’s commercial real estate overall. Deadlines for meeting the city’s requirements are based on the size of your building. There are four requirements needed […]

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