Your Complete Guide on EV Charging Stations in Colorado

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Commercial Building Lighting Upgrade: Benefits and ROI

Whether you need information about LED lighting solutions, EV charging, city ordinance updates, lighting codes, or company news, we’ve compiled all of that and more for you right here. Simply filter by the type of news you’d like to find below and you’ll be well-versed in lighting, EV technology and more in no time.
Business professionals in a modern, well-lit office

Meeting Modern Workplace Lighting Requirements: A Guide for Business Compliance and Efficiency

In the contemporary business landscape, meeting OSHA lighting requirements for the workplace and adhering to government ordinances are crucial for safety, comfort, and compliance. At MAC Electric, we understand the significance of adhering to these requirements and provide comprehensive solutions for property managers and building owners. Workplace lighting is not just about meeting regulatory standards; […]

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men installing solar panels on a roof

Wired for the Future: A Homeowner’s Guide to Electrification

Heading into a greener future is getting more attention, especially when it comes to electrification. In the United States, where about 63 million households (51% of homes) use natural gas, and another 10 million use oil or propane, homeowners need to understand how electrification can make our homes cleaner and healthier. The Power of Electrification […]

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LED commercial lighting above several desks in a business setting

Choosing the Right Commercial Lighting for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced world, managing operating expenses is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in business. When it comes to these expenses, commercial lighting often takes the top spot as the largest expense in your energy budget. Swapping to more energy-efficient lighting can significantly impact your bottom line and is one way that businesses, both […]

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Residential area with close-up of a hand holding the charger into the port of an electric vehicle, near EV charging stations

Installing EV Charging Stations in HOA Settings: Costs and Considerations

In a world shifting towards sustainable mobility, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations are no longer just a convenience, but a necessity. If you’re an HOA Property Manager, understanding the potential costs and considerations for installing EV charging stations can be crucial to meeting your community’s needs while maintaining fiscally responsible decisions.   Understanding the Costs […]

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Charge Ahead Colorado: What Does It Mean for Your Business?

Charge Ahead Colorado: What Does It Mean for Your Business?

Are you looking to make your business more sustainable and successful? Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and the tools available for businesses to charge them up have developed as well. Enter Charge Ahead Colorado: a program created by our state that incentivizes commercial fleets, like yours, to transition toward using electric vehicles (EVs).    […]

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View of an Electric Car Charging Column

The Game Changer in Vehicle-To-Grid Charging (V2G)

With the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) as a viable transportation option, it is no surprise that this new movement has become integrated into the larger energy infrastructure. As EVs are parked roughly 95% of their time and have large batteries, they offer an opportunity to keep the lights on during outages and support utilities […]

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led lights in an industrial building

Boulder Building Performance Ordinance — Quick Compliance Guide

The City of Boulder has developed a program to reduce energy use and improve the quality of commercial and industrial buildings in the city. This guide provides an overview of BBPO compliance requirements, including information on building performance standards, energy reporting requirements, enforcement procedures, incentives for improved building performance, and other relevant topics. It is […]

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