Crossroads Church Loveland, CO


Crossroads Church in Loveland, CO is a welcoming and diverse church making a big difference in northern Colorado. The church is known for its thriving community of performing and creative artists who serve together, providing transformation moments every weekend and at special events.

Where We Started

Crossroads Church approached the Mac Electric team with one major problem: their parking lot was way too dark at night. Because the church is set back and not particularly close to other businesses, their original light fixtures were no longer sufficient when it came to visibility and safety. The church also expressed concerns about their electricity bills; they knew it was time to upgrade and start reducing their carbon footprint.

Our Process & Recommendations

When we first started this project, we were very honest with the Church: their old lights were not reaching the corners of their parking lot and were costing them way too much. Our team almost immediately recommended that Crossroads Church make the switch to LED lights. We explained that LED lights are not only energy efficient but also safer and more durable than typical fluorescent lights.


The Outcome

During the proposal phase, we outlined the incentives and grants that were available to the Church. They were blown away by the money they could save and the positive impact on the environment one parking lot could have so we moved forward with the project. If you’ve never seen it before, the parking lot at Crossroads Church is huge so this was no small feat! The Mac Electric team replace the old 250w parking lot lights with 60w LED lights. Today, almost every inch of the parking lot is illuminated, even at 2A.M.