Northfield Flats: Luxury Condominiums ChargePoint EV Charger Installation


Mac Electric recently completed an exciting EV infrastructure project at the luxurious Northfield Flats Condominiums in Fort Collins, CO. The project involved the installation of three ChargePoint CT4021 dual port chargers, providing charging capabilities for up to six vehicles simultaneously and covering six parking spaces.

Project details:

  • Project Cost: $59,590.79
  • Grants received: $27,000
  • Project net cost: $32,590.79


Installing EV charging stations at condominiums has numerous advantages:

  • Attract residents and increase property values by providing a premium EV charging experience
  • Support condo owners’ requests for EV charging
  • Give condo owners the freedom to add a desirable property upgrade
  • Make the property attractive to future homebuyers
  • Comply with HOA laws and building standards

About the ChargePoint CT4021 EV Chargers

For more information on the ChargePoint EV chargers used for this project, check out their official website.

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