Novartis LED Lighting Installation

The image above is the stats for the exterior project.

About Novartis

As a leading global medicines company, we use innovative science and digital technologies to create transformative treatments in areas of great medical need. In our quest to find new medicines, we consistently rank among the world’s top companies investing in research and development.

What We Did:

MAC updated nearly 400,00 square feet of interior buildings to LED lighting at the Longmont campus located at 4000 Nelson Road in Longmont and the entire exterior of the campus. 

  • Total rebates from Efficiency Works for all projects was over $236,000
  • Total project costs over one million with the following break outs per space completed. 

Exterior:  Upgraded over 390 exterior fixtures to LED 

  • Energy reduction of 75%
  • Annual cost savings of $23,883 
  • Rebate over $50,600 from Efficiency Works
  • 4 year payback period 

Building AC24 

  • 12% return on investment
  • 8-year payback
  • Rebates: $29,050
  • 980 fixtures updated 

Building AC22 

  • 1950 fixtures
  • $74,000 rebates
  • 28% return on investment
  • Annual savings $26,338
  • Payback period 3.3 years
  • Total Project Cost: $164,000
  • Net Cost after Rebates: $90,619

Building AC23

  • 751 fixtures
  • Rebates from Efficiency Works $37,135
  • Annual savings: $10,473
  • 65% energy reduction

Building AC27 

  • $46,000 rebate Efficiency Works
  • Replaced over 1900 light fixtures with LED
  • 55% energy reduction
  • Annual cost savings $14,663

Special Notes about the project:

  • Customized design replacements to meet facility needs while maximizing rebates
  • Confidential High secure environment
  • Adhered to high-level safety procedures and standards
  • Provided updated CAD lighting plans post-retrofit 
  • Photometric studies provided prior to project implementation
  • Captured over $236k in rebates
  • Met tight deadlines
  • Worked night shift as needed

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