Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc.


Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc. is a comprehensive consulting firm with offices in Loveland and Denver, Colorado. They strive to provide their clients with the highest level of expertise, efficiency and proven procedures in the industry. 

Where We Started

When Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc. moved into their new office building in Loveland, multiple staff members noticed a sudden onset of headaches. The staff determined that the outdated fluorescent lighting in the new office could be the cause. Pinnacle Consulting Group contacted Mac Electric when they realized implementing new lighting in their office environment was the solution and mandatory to improve working conditions.

Our Process & Recommendations

The Mac Electric team started with an energy audit, walking through the new Loveland office building with Pinnacle. Immediately, we noticed the subtle but uncomfortable results of antiquated and inefficient fluorescent lighting. Ready for a change, we told them that switching to LED lighting would not only save them money but would infinitely enhance their work environment.

The Outcome

Without any pain killers, the Mac Electric team helped to reduce the number of headaches around the office. We took the existing lighting design and revamped it for increased efficiency. Our team installed brand new, state-of-the-art Cree LED office lighting products. These offered a more neutral Kelvin temperature than the existing fluorescents. The LED lighting we installed provided a softer, more evenly distributed light pattern when compared with the harsh and spotty light from the fluorescents that previously existed.