Charge Ahead Colorado: What Does It Mean for Your Business?

Are you looking to make your business more sustainable and successful? Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and the tools available for businesses to charge them up have developed as well. Enter Charge Ahead Colorado: a program created by our state that incentivizes commercial fleets, like yours, to transition toward using electric vehicles (EVs). 


In this blog post, we’ll discuss what the Charge Ahead Colorado program entails and how it can benefit your business. With decreasing operating costs and increasing government incentives, now is an ideal time to evaluate if EVs may be able to help meet your company’s transportation needs. So keep reading – we’re about to take off on discovering the full possibilities of incorporating EV charging in your operations!


Why is Charge Ahead Colorado a Big Deal?

Charge Ahead Colorado is setting the pace for a sustainable future in our state. By incentivizing electric vehicle ownership and making EV charging stations more accessible, the Colorado Energy Office is helping to reduce emissions while striving towards renewable energy use. It’s an exciting initiative that will leave a lasting impact on air quality and transportation across Colorado!


Who Qualifies for Charge Ahead Colorado Grant?

This is a great opportunity to cut costs while offering a more inclusive and eco-friendly solution that encourages the use of EVs. This program allows applicants who are businesses, multi-family businesses, and tourist destinations to apply! Deeded or assigned parking spaces and single-family homes are not eligible for grant funding. This is strictly a resource for businesses to rely on. Retroactive or past projects are also not qualified for funding.


According to the Colorado Energy Office, “Projects must seek approval for funding through the application process, receive notice of an award, and an executed Purchase Order from CEO before implementing or contracting for any aspect of a project that will be submitted for reimbursement.” This means that it is important to apply for funding before getting your project started.


How Much Can the Charge Ahead Colorado Grant Help Your Business?

Charge Ahead Colorado grants can help your business in a big way. Eligible projects statewide are funded up to 80% of the following set maximums:



Applicants are eligible for up to 90% funding for both Income Qualified projects and Qualified Entities located in and serving Disproportionately Impacted (DI) communities. Qualified projects in DI communities are also eligible for an additional $1,000. 


How Can Mac Electric Help Me Get Started With the Application Process?

At Mac Electric, we are committed to providing our MAC Guarantee with all EV Charging Station projects. This guarantees installation which will help you get the most out of your manufacturer warranties, and help you to receive the maximum return on your project by managing both the rebate process and ensuring you comply with all city ordinances.


We are incredibly excited about the Charge Ahead Colorado program because it means more money saved for our clients! Here are the next steps you can take to get started:


  1. Contact us for a custom quote on your EV charging project.
  2. Visit the Colorado Energy Office website to learn more about what application is right for you and when the next application round is.
  3. Apply for your Charge Ahead Colorado funding grant.
  4. Make a plan with Mac Electric to get your project started!