LEDs vs CFLs

cfl vs ledWe are all familiar with the twisted CFL bulb that promised an energy efficient alternative to incandescent light bulbs.  With recent and continuing innovation in the LED lighting industry, CFLs are becoming an obsolete technology.  Here is why LEDs are quickly becoming the dominant technology in the lighting industry.

CFL Concerns

CFLs have a longer life and lower energy use than the standard incandescent bulb.  These benefits give the illusion that CFLs are a good candidate to improve energy efficiency.  The reality of the situation is that CFLs contain dangerous chemicals which make disposal of the bulbs incredibly difficult and in turn poses a significant threat to the environment.  The result is that CFLs provide only the illusion of benefit, while in reality the only create larger environmental concern.

LED Takes the Lead

LED technology has been quickly advancing and surpassing that of CFLs.  LEDs can now offer a more natural color of light which CFLs are incapable of.  Additionally, LED lights offer up to 100,000 hours of use compared with the 10,000 hours offered by CFLs.  LEDs offer energy efficiency with a wide variety of applications in both a commercial and residential setting.  All the while, LED bulbs do not contain harmful chemicals like those present in CFL bulbs.

Parting Thoughts

Energy efficiency is a great way to save money.  LED lighting options are now more practical and inclusive than ever before.  If you are looking for ways to reduce energy costs and make a positive environmental impact in your home or office, now is the time to consider LED lighting.  Don’t sell yourself short.  Make sure to investigate why LED lighting is very quickly becoming the preferred energy efficient lighting option!


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