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Mac Electric Earns Customer Satisfaction Award

In the wake of a successful 2016 business rebate program, the Efficiency Works™ Business program awarded Mac Electric Company of Loveland with the Highest Customer Satisfaction Score.

The award is based on completing a minimum of 20 projects, working in at least 3 of 4 communities served by Efficiency Works, and a 50% survey response rate from customers. Efficiency Works is administered by Platte River Power Authority.

“Mac Electric stands behind the quality products it provides, and f...


Tuning the Light at a Senior-Care Facility

The U.S. Department of Energy's GATEWAY program has released a new report on a pilot installation of tunable-white LED systems at a senior-care facility in Sacramento, CA. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) conducted this trial installation at the ACC Care Center and invited GATEWAY to document the performance.

The Department of Energy’s role in the project was to take pre and post installation field measurements of illuminance and color quality ...


9 Benefits of LED Lighting for Business in Colorado

Have you been considering LED lighting as a potential investment for your business?  Even if you haven’t, here are 9 benefits that make LED lighting worth your time.


Return on Investment (ROI)—ROI is one of the most exciting benefits of LED lighting implementation. LEDs not only provide energy savings, but, have a short payback period (typically 1-2 years).  You can expect an additional ROI of 12-15 times the original investment.  Mac Electric can assist you to project poten...


LEDs vs CFLs

We are all familiar with the twisted CFL bulb that promised an energy efficient alternative to incandescent light bulbs.  With recent and continuing innovation in the LED lighting industry, CFLs are becoming an obsolete technology.  Here is why LEDs are quickly becoming the dominant technology in the lighting industry.

CFL Concerns

CFLs have a longer life and lower energy use than the standard incandescent bulb.  These benefits give the illusion that CFLs are a good candidate to improve...


Five Health Benefits of LED Lighting

Human beings need light.  On a basic level, natural light tells us when it’s time to wake up and go to sleep.  On the other hand, manmade light sources are responsible for enabling a variety of different activities when natural light is simply not available.  As a result, we are exposed to light (of all different kinds) every day and that light has an effect on our overall wellbeing and health.  Research indicates that LED lighting can provide a variety of health benefits.  Here are f...


Do You Have a Parking Lot Full of Metal Halide Fixtures?

Can You Really Reduce Annual Energy Expenses and Annual Maintenance Expenses?
Have you noticed that your utility bill keeps getting higher and higher over time…or maybe you haven’t noticed?  The increases in your utility bill are done in such small increments that you hardly notice unless you analyze very close. One thing is for certain, utility rates are not likely going down anytime soon.  Parking lot lighting is often overlooked because at most businesses, there is no one there when t...