Qualfon in Fort Collins – LED Project

Qualfon is a national business process outsourcing (BPO) company that pushes the limits to provide the best service for their client’s customers. Their call center in Fort Collins, CO. is open 24/7 to ensure they can personalize and manage conversations with those customers from beginning to end. 


Where We Started 

A part of Qualfon’s expert strategy is keeping their call center open 24/7, which is what led them to call Mac Electric. They value creating a quality, healthy, and enjoyable environment in which their employees can work, and their outdated lighting system wasn’t doing the trick. By staying open for all hours of the day, that inefficient lighting system was costing a lot of money, requiring a lot of energy, and failing to provide a quality work environment for their employees. They decided it was time for some improvements.

Our Process & Recommendations 

After we met with Qualfon we sent a team to do a full site audit to observe the effect the current lighting had on working conditions, both during the day and the night. We found that during the night the lighting made it difficult to focus and was taxing on the eyes. Our recommendation was a conversion to LED lighting and ensured them it would not only save them a lot of money and be better for the environment but that it would lead to a healthier and more productive team.

The Outcome 

It turns out that lighting conversion was exactly what Quafon was looking for. Our team replaced their outdated fluorescent lighting with a more efficient and softer LED solution. This new lighting system created a more enjoyable environment for the Qualfon team, providing less strain on the eyes and even lowering the temperature of the office. With these updates, Qualfon can be the best and make each person’s life better, no matter the time of day.