BPO vs Dark Skies

BPO vs Dark Skies

We are often asked, “what is the Dark skies ordinance?” and “Is it a part of the BPO?”.

They are 2 different ordinances.

The City of Boulder’s “Dark Skies” Ordinance was designed to make sure the city’s collective exterior lighting doesn’t obscure the stars. The ordinance went into effect in November 2018. In recent months, the city has begun actively enforcing the ordinance.

Don’t get caught off guard!

If the city finds that your building is not in full compliance, improvements, additions, or renovations to your property can be delayed until full compliance is achieved and certified.

All commercial and residential properties must submit to the Planning and Development Department, a Lighting Certification Form completed by a lighting consultant.

Mac Electric are experts at navigating the often complicated process of complying with the new regulations. We will handle all communications with the city as well as provide comprehensive guidance to comply most easily, affordably, and effectively.

Mac Electric will:

• Conduct an Audit of current your outdoor lighting.
• Create a highly detailed Estimate that will explain your costs, projected return on your investment.
• Provide a Photo-Metric Lighting plan as required by the city.
• Provide certification of compliance once the project is completed.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to earning your business.

More Info:

Dark Sky Ordinance Details

The Mac Electric Difference

The Mac Electric difference is in our range of expertise and project customization. We don’t just provide lighting and electrical services, we provide strategic lighting distribution plans, energy efficient solutions, quality products and proper installation. MAC is driven to brighten the lives of our customers with true thoughtful energy solutions and relentless integrity.

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