Lighting as a Service

How long is your list of your company’s potential capital expenditures this year? If you’re tired of juggling limited for operational dollars, or are just looking for an immediate return on lighting system upgrades, Mac Electric’s Lighting As A Service (LaaS) is your solution.

Team with Mac Electric, and we’ll shift the cost of upgrades to a high-efficiency LED lighting retrofit from a capital-expenditure model to recurring costs similar to monthly service fees, ultimately helping you immediately capitalize on energy savings without committing to a capital expenditure.

Savings from Day One

Remember how cell phone companies used to give you a phone for free as part of your service contract? Has your company ever leased equipment? LaaS is a lot like that: Instead of making a large upfront investment, Mac Electric provides you with a lighting system upgrade at the start of a contract to service and provide warranty service to your lighting system.

Monthly costs involved are more than significantly cheaper than an out-of-pocket upgrade. In most cases, monthly service fees are less than the energy-bill savings that come from transitioning to an efficient lighting system. You’re not just choosing an ecologically friendly option, but a cash flow-positive one that immediately eases your bottom line.

Benefits of Lighting As A Service

In addition to savings on the hard costs of lighting, LaaS customers enjoy a variety of benefits that stem from contracted maintenance services. Burned out bulbs aren’t your responsibility to replace, and all upgrades continually comply with local, state and federal efficiency requirements.

LaaS contracts were once a rarity, but the obvious and instant savings have made them more popular among business owners and facility managers. LaaS contracts are expected to grow by 46.3 percent by 2022.

Every month you wait to upgrade to a LASS model from Mac Electric, you’re forgoing savings that could be put toward other capital expenditures, used to pay down debt or simply put toward your bottom line. Contact us today at 970-669-2464 to start saving on your next bill.